Objective & Mission

Orangecrest Wolves

The objective of this program is to inspire youth, to practice ideals of health, citizenship and character, to bring our youth together through a common interest in sportsmanship, fair play and fellowship, to import elements of safety, sanity, and intelligent supervision keeping the welfare of the youth first and foremost.

The goal of the Orangecrest J.A.A.F. Youth Football and Cheer Organization is to teach young men and women the fundamentals of football and cheer in an atmosphere that challenges and supports team sportsmanship, individual self-discipline, physical fitness, and positive competition. We seek to comply with the rules and guidelines set forth by the Southern California J.A.A.F. conference and our own Chapter by-laws. We hope to create meaningful experiences for each participant that they may take what they have learned and the relationships they have formed, to remain active in this and other youth programs. It is our desire that the participants witness the value of adult volunteer service and that the Orangecrest J.A.A.F. Youth Football and Cheer organization serves as a positive presence in the community.


and Cheer


Work Hard Play Hard


A member of the Southern

California Junior All American Conference Football

2011 Jr. Micro 1A Hawks

Supebowl Champions

2010 Jr. Micro 1 Hawks

Division Champion

2009 Midgets

Supebowl Champions

2008 Micro I Wolves

Supebowl & Mega Superbowl


2008 Pee Wee Hawks II

Bowl & Superbowl Champions

2006 Runner-up

Division I Micro Champions

2007 Division I

Jr. Micro Champions

2004 Runner-up

Division I Jr. Micro Champions

2003 Division I

Jr. Pee Wee Grey Champions

2002 Runner-up

Division II Pee Wee Champions

2002 East Division II

Jr. Pee Wee Champions

2000 Division II Central

Pee Wee Champions


2013 Cheer Competition Scores

  • Mascots Rocked it!
  • Micro 1st Place
  •  Jr Pee Wee  1st Place
  • Pee Wee 2nd

2012 Cheer Competition Scores

         Way to go Mascots!

  • Jr. Micro 1st Place
  • Micro 1st Place
  • Jr. Pee Wee 2nd Place
  • Pee Wee 1st Place
  • Midgets 1st Place

2011 Cheer Competition Scores

  • Jr Micro 1st place
  • Micro 1st place
  • Jr Pee Wee 1st place
  • Pee Wee  1st place
  • Midget 1st place

2010 Cheer Competition Scores

  • Jr Micro 1st place
  • Micro 1st place
  • Jr PeeWee 1st place
  • PeeWee 1st place

2009 Cheer Competition Scores

  • Jr Micro 2nd place
  • Micro 1st place
  • Jr PeeWee 1st place
  • PeeWee 1st place

Our cheerleaders were recognized

       by the Riverside Sports

     Hall of Fame in May 2009

2008 Cheer Competition Scores

  • Jr Micro 1st place
  • Micro 1st place
  • Jr PeeWee 1st place
  • PeeWee 1st place

2007 Cheer Competition Scores

  • Jr Micro 2nd place
  • Micro 1st place
  • Jr PeeWee 1st place
  • PeeWee 3rd place



King Home Games

Field layout

Please remember to follow and respect the rules.  Volunteers, please be on time.  We cannot do this without you.  Congratulations to all the players and cheer leaders who stuck it out through the heat.  Way to Go Wolves! 

Families, please remember to pick up after yourselves whether we are home or away.  It is embarrassing the amount of trash left behind after games.  You are only taking away from our time to do something else for our league. Instead we are picking up trash.  If everyone does their part then we all win.

Thank you,

OCJAAF Board Meetings

Wednesday, October 22nd

at 9pm, At the picnic benches near cheer.

OCJAAF 2014 Handbook

Please read, know, understand, and follow...

This will help us to have a fun and spirited season.  GO WOLVES and Wolfettes!

#Team Celeste

Celebrity Sightings...keep your eyes out for our VIP at games and practices.

Good Luck!

OCJAAF Alumni at King on your upcoming season.


Flag Football Games

Wednesdays at 5:30 on the "Meadow"

(between library and baseball fields)

Come support our boys and

cheer on our teams.

Fundraising at the park

Get approval from Craig Yocum or go through our Team Mom Coordinator Kara Davis (

Support each other by buying goodies at the park. 

Progress Reports

Due to coaches by 10/16/14

Board Nominations and Elections

for the 2015 Season

Be a part of a great organization.  Get on the ballot and be a member or the Orangecrest JAAF Board for 2015.  Fill out the form and return to Renee Vannatter in person or scan and email to no later than 8pm on October 21, 2014.  Elections will take place at Orange Terrace Park on Thursday, 10/23/14, from 6-8pm, at the tables where spirit wear is normally set up. See you soon.

Click on Image to be directed to the SCJAAF Website for schedules, mapbooks and standings.